Zumi Dual Lead Sport Review | Never Roam Alone

Zumi Dual Lead Sport Review | Never Roam Alone

April 29, 2019 6 By Ciara Groesbeck

I started following the dog company Zumi when I first joined Instagram and smiled about their slogan (or hashtag) ‘Never Roam Alone’. This so perfectly aligned with our lifestyle because if I go, the boys, Boone and Crockett go.

My boys deserve the best, and that means I am in constant search of the perfect gear for them. We will be trekking through the Adirondack park, across a 133-mile trail known as the Northville Placid Trail and I wanted nothing more than to have the gear that would make them the most comfortable throughout the adventure.

My search landed me on the Dual Lead Sport leash as it serves as both a regular leash and also a slip lead– perfect for dogs that sometimes may have a tendency to pull (sorry to call you out Crockett).

Let me share more about the company and leash with you!

About the Company

Upon researching the company’s ‘About’ page, I quickly became enamored. The founder of the company was a young woman, like me pursuing a career in the veterinary field (also like me), yet her story had a twist that changed her course of action. She was diagnosed with ‘Neurocardiogenic Syncope’ ; a disease that causes sudden loss of consciousness.

With this diagnosis, Sasha (owner) had to reroute her life’s path and eventually Zumi was born.

Reading Sasha’s story filled my soul with such inspiration and heart with love. Through persistence and positivity, she was able to still pursue her passion; animals– without putting anyone’s safety at risk.

She has created a line of leashes that I adore, and many other products that help to remind you to ‘Never Roam Alone’, always bring your dog(s), on every occasion.

I align with this lifestyle, and I know my boys can attest!

On to the Review: Dual Lead Sport Leash

  • Lengths:
      • 4ft (122 cm)
      • 6ft (183 cm)
  • Colors:
      • Sky (Blue)
      • Forest (Green)
      • Volcano (Red)
      • Coral Reef (Pink)
      • Canyon (Tan)
  • Aluminum Hardware: Won’t rust!
  • 1/2″ Diameter: Sturdy!
  • Silicone Stopper: Totally adjustable for your pup’s neck!

My Thoughts

When I first received these in the mail, my thoughts were “All the colors!”, and now you can just imagine loads of heart-eyed emojis floating about.

I try to color coordinate to Boone and Crockett’s personalities (may sound silly, but it works for us!) and since Boone has more of a reserved personality he likes to go with blue, gray, and earthy tones. Crockett on the other hand is the attention getter, flashy and likes to rock the bright oranges, greens and reds– he is my little Skittle.

The colors that I got? Sky and Canyon (Boone), Volcano and Forest (Crockett)– perfect if you ask me!

I received a 4ft and a 6ft leash for both boys as they will serve different purposes.

How do I use them?

My Uses


Now that spring has sprung, we are trail running even more so (we totally enjoy trail running all year long, but are welcoming the warmth). My dogs tend to have reactive tendencies, which are heightened when leashed so having the 4ft option has been wonderful!

Crockett will usually don the 6ft leash, while Boone is glued to my side with his 4ft leash (his preference). The slip lead shortens the length slightly, but I find it is very useful when gliding on single track trails.


When we aren’t running we are usually hiking or walking. I have more time to respond so I tend to use the leash normally (without slip). My favorite part– even with the full length, the boys do not trip over the leads, making every outing that much more enjoyable (because who enjoys a leash between the legs constantly?).

I enjoy the versatility of these leashes, the colors and durability. They respectfully do everything you could ask of them, and I would highly recommend them to any person who ventures with their dog on leash.

Support a Good Company

If you would like to support this company head here to check them out!

I would also love to support you by offering 10% off your purchases with code BC10 (Of course that stands for Boone and Crockett).

Have so much fun out there and remember to ‘Never Roam Alone’

Happy tails, Happy trails,