Hike Vermont: Pico Peak

Hike Vermont: Pico Peak

January 4, 2019 0 By Ciara Groesbeck

Do you know what my favorite part about winter hiking is? Honestly, it would be faster to name the things I didn’t enjoy (there aren’t many)– but zero bugs, fewer crowds and butt sliding are just a few of my favorites!

When I woke up Wednesday morning, the forecast was calling for a clear, sunny and virtually windless day on Mount Pico. Pico had me at no-wind. I was ready for a trot through a winter wonderland.

Let’s Set The Scene

I live about an hour from the trail head of Mt. Pico, so preparing as much as I could from home was supposed to be a real time saver! However, 2 jackets and 8 boots later, I had two very pathetic pups staring up at me.

We finally get on the trail and it is hard packed snow with ice trickled in throughout. The weather channel couldn’t have been more accurate. It was sunny and windless–I was in heaven!

Sherburne Pass Trail to Somewhere

After a little game of ‘tag you go first’ with the couple who started at the same time, the boys and I pushed ahead and kept the distance– allowing for us to be on our own hike. I bounced right over the mounds of ice, while the boys tip toed around.

The trail was a gradual incline and before we knew it, we popped out onto the ski slopes. Out ahead of us the view was beautiful– we could even see our parking lot!

First views from the Ski Slopes

The trail soon ducked back into the woods, and I loved the magically white scene of it all. We walked and walked. I eventually checked my GPS and had this feeling we walked too far, but didn’t have a care in the world– it was just too beautiful out. The boys didn’t seem bothered either.

Well, sure enough we passed the cabin, and were well on our way to the Appalachian Trail.

Turn Around, Go Back, Have A Laugh

When we approached the intersection with the Appalachian Trail, I couldn’t help but smile. I knew we had probably gone too far, since the entirety of the hike was only supposed to be 5.2mi and we were fast approaching 4mi. The sign proudly read 0.7mi back to the Pico Summit Link Trail.

With a shrug I told Boone and Crockett, “Good Job–Now let’s go back”. I always have to get them excited to turn around. We quickly made it back to the cabin and found the right trail, finally!

This trail was a bit brutal with cascades of blue ice. It was beautiful, but the boys were flailing about with their boots on. I let them run off leash into the woods to avoid the ice as I gracefully just walked right up it (Thank you Hillsounds).

With two excited pups, we came to the service road, but decided to stick to the trail until we reach the top (more ice!).

From the Service Road, just below the peak.

…boy, how beautiful it was…the view, the entire scene.

Best Buttsliding Moment

Sitting in the snow on top of Pico, sun shining down on me with Boone and Crockett begging for treats… it truly does not get better than that.

After a few snacks, we decided we would take the slopes down for a change of pace, literally. I tested out my buttsliding skills on the slopes and we all had a blast. Boone and Crockett jumped sideways and ran with all of their might– barely able to keep up with me. If there is ever a time you need to feel like a kid again–these are the moments.

My Happy Face

It took us about a minute to connect with the regular trail, and then we were back to the car in 35 minutes. Just like that!

Get Out There!

Winter hiking without a doubt is my favorite. There is something very magical about the trail, the trees– literally everything glistens. I hope you all get to experience the beauty of winter hiking (if you are prepared!).

Mount Pico, you were the perfect day off.

Happy Tails and Happy Trails,

Ciara, Boone & Crockett