CBD Oil: Benefits and Uses

CBD Oil: Benefits and Uses

December 8, 2018 14 By Ciara Groesbeck

If you are anything like me– meaning you seek natural remedies over modern medicine then I think you will be happy to discover the benefits of CBD oil or cannabidiol oil.

The benefits of CBD are vast and can be used for pain management, improvement in mood, to reduce anxiety and depression, treating chronic illnesses, healing skin and beyond. CBD even covers some heavy hitters being used for cancer treatments (anti-tumor) and as an anti psychotic.

I have been using CBD oil and CBD products to manage my severe, often debilitating menstrual cramps and symptoms.

First Off– What is CBD?

Cannabidiol often referred to as CBD is the product derived from the hemp plant. Hemp plants, which are high in CBD and low in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are considered to deliver more of a calming effect since they do not contain the psychoactive properties like that of marijuana which is low in CBD and high in THC. This is also the reason why CBD oil is legal in most all the 50 states (Sorry Idaho, Kansas, South Dakota, Nebraska, Indiana and West Virginia–hopefully soon as of 2018).

Our bodies receive the support of CBD oil incredibly well because of the cannabinoid receptors throughout our nervous systems. These receptors react not only to the plant cannabinoids but also to the cannabinoids produced in our bodies.

CBD Products- Tinctures, Teas, Bath Bombs..the List Goes On.

CBD comes in all sorts of packages! You have a selection of oils, teas, edibles (so many choices here– anywhere from cookies to gummy worms to maple cream), bath bombs, salves, flowers (that you would need to smoke or vape). The list goes on!

If you are in need of consistent and immediate pain relief, the high concentrated CBD oil (1000mg or higher) is going to be the best bang for your buck. While you may spend more money the results and the oil itself will be longer lasting. However, if you are seeking a supplement for less extreme cases of anxiety, infrequent pain or skin conditions then you can get away with a lower dosage and even play around with the variety of products.

Try some out- see what your body responds to the best!

Where Can You Buy It?


Most health food stores or Co ops will carry CBD oil and other products.

I also did a Google search and found 4 places within 10 miles of my house that specialized in CBD products. These places are great because the employees (in my experience) are so knowledgeable about all the products and can give you recommendations!


I buy my CBD salve, massage oil and flower from the company Blue Ridge Hemp. If you do decide to purchase anything from this wonderful company feel free to use the code CiaraG at checkout to get 10% off your order! I really love how natural these products are and the smells are divine!

Blue Ridge Hemp CBD Products

There are numerous online stores where you can purchase CBD products, but make sure you do research and buy products that are pure and from companies that are reputable.

Companies that I have purchased from:

Charlotte’s Web: Great company! The CBD is suspended in olive oil and does have a strong taste, but works extremely well.

Alpen Organics: This company is located in Colorado, and they offer tinctures and salves with very high MG of CBD. Basically you are able to buy a product with higher potency and it will last you much longer than that of lower potency. Big thumbs up!

Side Effects of CBD Oil

While side effects are rare and CBD is very safe for adults to consume, these are some possible side effects of taking CBD:

  • Blood Pressure— CBD usage can create a calming effect on the body. While this is a benefit, combining this with a blood pressure medication could result in hypotension (low blood pressure).
  • Fatigue— As previously stated, CBD oil creates this calmness throughout your body. You may experience fatigue and a feeling of sluggishness. This feeling will depend on dosage and type of product you are consuming, but will pass within an hour or two.
  • Dry Mouth— Some reports of dry mouth (I have not experienced this myself)

CBD Oil– My Miracle

I haven’t yet discussed my experience with CBD products– so lets! I will be discussing my period in this section so if periods are TMI then I will bid you adieu and of course a huge thank you for reading this much!

I have struggled with hormone imbalances, painful periods and a heavy flow since I was 12. I have been told I have endometriosis, ovarian cysts, PCOS..the list goes on. I’ve tried birth control pills (which rid me of the flow issues, but also robbed me of any libido and brought nausea to a whole new level), acupuncture, massage, every natural hormone balancing tincture, extreme elimination diets…you name it I have tried it.

Just a few months ago, my period symptoms were so severe I was bed ridden, pain stricken and completely depleted of energy (my boyfriend always supportive, yet worried about my condition). When I did have to work, co-workers would frequently ask about my lack of energy, so exhausted to even muster up any emotions- often falling asleep in the bathroom.

I came very close to getting a hysterectomy consult, but felt I should try every possible solution out there. That’s when I turned to CBD after many hours of research. I can say I am a changed woman. I did not alter any other aspect of my life, only introduced CBD products into the mix which resulted in light periods with little to no symptoms. I take CBD oil right before and throughout my period cycle and a 200mg salve to rub over my lower abdomen to alleviate any cramping (if any).

When I say CBD is a miracle to me, it genuinely is. I was in so much pain when this natural remedy came in to my life. It gave me hope. It gave me relief.

I wish I could promise you that CBD will give you a similar result, but I just can’t. Is it worth trying? YES. ..wait, HELL YES!!

I so hope it is also your miracle.

If you have any experiences with CBD products OR reputable brands you would recommend, I would LOVE to hear about it all! Please leave some love in the comments.

Happy CBD’ing,