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Best Hiking Gear For Women

December 18, 2018 6

I used to love hiking in pretty much whatever I had lying around– anything from a cotton tee to a silky nightgown (yes, really). As I became more passionate about hiking, the idea of trekking through seasons other than just summer made it very apparent how badly I needed an entire makeover (gear and apparel…

By Ciara Groesbeck

Running Like A Dog, With Your Dog

August 14, 2018 0

Who likes running!? Raise your hands! ..better yet just yell “Hell Yeah” at whatever device you are reading this on. Next question: Is running easy? Polite Answer: No. Impolite Answer: Hell freaking no. I take that back- to some people, running may come very easy (bless them), but to me quite the opposite. I have…

By Ciara Groesbeck