Burnt Rock Mountain: Vermont’s Perks

Burnt Rock Mountain: Vermont’s Perks

March 19, 2019 12 By Ciara Groesbeck

Burnt Rock Mountain– It took us a day of adventuring through Burlington, running a Leprechaun 5k/10k race, copious amounts of vegan food and endless muddy, riveted roads to reach you, but I have to say it was so well worth it.

I had hiked this mountain before, but never in winter and never at night. We had an adventure ahead of us for sure!

Join me for it!

Let’s Set the Scene

Our initial plan was to spend the night Saturday (car camp, of course) and then get an early start to catch a sunrise, if there was even one to be seen. After many grueling, muddy roads that flung my car from left to right, we found ourselves settled into the parking lot, and seemingly for the night.

The boys (Boone & Crock) ate dinner, then chased after each other like flying darts. There was no one in the parking lot, yet the wind whipped right through us.

As I get all of our hiking gear from the Thule, Erik says “Let’s just go up now– wanna?”. I thought of how chilly it was expected to become and how nice a warm bed sounded and resounded with “Heck yes!”.

We threw some goods together (water and snacks), spikes and snowshoes and were quickly on our way up the trail.

Making memories

The boys couldn’t have been more excited!

So We Begin..

The trail was hard packed, yet with the warmer weather that had overtaken the area recently there were post holes big enough to swallow the dogs. It quickly turned into a game to see how fast we could go without falling in, or snapping our ankles (thank goodness, no ankles were snapped).

The sun was setting fast, the sky brazen with purples, pinks and blues. We could see our destination in the West of us and it seemed all around us settled in for dusk.

Erik just running up the trail, no biggie!

The boys plopped around off-leash until it was dark– soaking up every bit of freedom, while still recalling like champs (so glad they are food motivated!). When I needed my headlamp, I kept them glued to me. It has been so long since they have run off leash, that I was quickly reminded how much slower our pace is with them both attached to me; I, trying to avoid stepping on them, while also urging them to go so I could see my future steps. It’s a process, but one I would do a million times to have them with me.

Up Burnt Rock (Literally)

The trail is pretty steep the entire way (this I do remember). We had started fast, but once darkness was upon us we just eased up the trail taking in all the night sky and wilderness around us.

Appalachian Trail/Long Trail

Erik was excited to see the Long trail connector path, remarking about the Long Trail going untouched– “That doesn’t often happen”. We dreamt of hiking the Long Trail in the wintertime and then quickly shivered off the idea (for now).

We reached an opening (where I stayed) and I just stopped.

It was beautiful.

It was quiet.

It was serene, magical even.

You could see city lights in the distance, a gentle breeze roamed the mountain top.

I urged Erik to go on as I stood there with the boys, headlamp off just breathing in the fresh, mountain air.

In that exact moment, there was absolutely no other place I would have wanted to be. That is until, I could feel the sweat drying on my skin. Then I urged Erik to hurry his butt back down the mountain so we could start our descent.

Kombucha and Oranges Helped Us Get Home

I was happy to get back to the car when we did, which evidently was 9:30PM. The thought of food, booch and the warmth had my legs going faster than normal!

And we’re back to our car.

Erik fed me oranges, apples and we listened to an array of music on the way home– enjoying each moment.

Thank you Vermont..

Thank you for a lovely weekend. We ran, we ate, we played and we hiked within you– you made our weekend. We will be back!

This is an invitation to do something you love every single day– make the time for it. I truly believe it ascends us into being better people, the best versions of ourselves!

Happy trails, and mega-happy tails,

Ciara, B & C (the video below does contain the same images as above, but hope you enjoy them twice as much!)

Stats for the day:

Mountain Enjoyed: Burnt Rock

Distance: 4.98 miles

Elevation Gain: 2,142′

Starting Time: 6:29 PM

Ending Time: 9:28 PM

Total Time: 2 hours 59 minutes

Food consumed: 1 Muir Packet each; Pineapple Kale, shocks the taste buds real nice!

Happiness Meter: 10/10 (Dogs were able to run off-leash and had great recall = one happy mama)