About Us.

About Us.

May 19, 2018 0 By Ciara Groesbeck

Welcome all adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts and even those who prefer just dipping their toes into the pool of wilderness. My desire is that this website will help inspire you to get outdoors, create a healthy lifestyle and try something new– maybe even take along a furry friend or two.


First of all, let me introduce myself and MY furry friends. I’m Ciara- spunky, smiley and full of love, wonder and adventure along with my two trusty, scruffy bearded companions Boone and Crockett. B & C are brothers who couldn’t be anymore different from each other; Boone prefers the corner of a cafe and a good book, while Crockett is the main performer, the total performer. Who wants to be just like their brother anyways?

Together the three of us venture out hiking, swimming, running and the occasional downward dog session. I became their lucky mother in 2014 and with their cuteness came a whole mess of energy. Quickly I learned that we needed to find an outlet for all of it! (Here we are out hiking in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.) Luckily my partner, Erik is just as obsessed with nature as I am– always encouraging us to get out and explore something new every chance we get.

Fast forward four years and we have conquered many miles, most of them being on foot. From the high peaks in the East, down to the deserts of Texas, all the way up to the redwood forest and rainy PNW- we have seen so much, and felt even more. Grateful and liberated are two feelings that come to mind; grateful to have the opportunity and the companions to seek such dreams and liberated to have the experiences, and hopefully share them with you.

Sharing brings me right into my next point!


Everyone has dreams, no matter how big or small and sometimes it is nice to know that there are other people out there rooting for you. After so many years of not knowing what exactly I should be doing; with my life, career, etc..I figured it out. You DON’T have to have it all figured out.

Say yes more, do things that scare you and (hopefully because you are here) get outside more! Take a walk, listen to the birds, appease your senses- anything that fulfills your heart and soul. Before we get too deep, let’s keep it simple- do things that make YOU happy.


With each blog entry I am going to dive deep into gear and apparel reviews, hiking/camping advice and much more in hopes to inspire you and also show you how easy it is to be prepared for any adventure!

If you ever need a hand (or paw) or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be elated to chat (bark) with you! 

Ciara, Boone and Crockett

Founder of Live Pawsitively Wild